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Need help identifying threats?  Site2 can help.

Site2 is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

We take a 3-step approach to protecting your organization, its employees and client data:


Proactive security assessments reduce the likelihood of being caught by surprise. 


Secure your data, wherever it may reside.


Most organizations only learn about a breach when it’s too late.

What our clients say

“Site2 safe guards our sensitive electronic patient records. Their fully maintained hosting platform takes the head-aches out of our computing needs.”

Jerry D.
Ambulance & Mobile Transport

“Number one is the peace of mind I now have… As an IT Manager I was constantly worrying about the backup situation… I am now contacted via email if something is not right with the daily backups. The technical support during the setup phase was excellent as is the continued support I receive.”

John M.
County Government

“Site2 and its amazing team has taken my business communications to the next level. The hosting, set up and 24/7 support has been extremely helpful and provides me peace of mind knowing one call or email and they will respond almost immediately. The best part about working with the Site2 team is their communication — I understand what they did and how they fixed it.”

Deborah M.
Marketing & Advertising Firm

“Site2 helped us conduct internal IT and Cyber Security risk assessments utilizing FFIEC guidelines.  Site2 also assisted in improving our website efficiency and ADA standardization.  If you’re looking for a good partner to help your company grow or supplement your IS&T needs, I recommend Site2.”

Clarence B.
Regional Credit Union



Organizations using legacy network attached storage or Windows and Linux servers for file shares should immediately consider implementing the BrickStor Security Platform (SP) for critical and sensitive data. BrickStor SP’s built-in data management features increase security and performance while reducing management complexity. Its revolutionary user behavior technology significantly improves the way organizations protect and monitor data usage. Integrated reporting makes it easy to discover over-exposed, stale, or stranded data. These tools enable organizations to defend against insider threats and stop any cyberattack before it is too late.

tecBRIDGE is a regional collegial organization that collaboratively strives to create and embrace entrepreneurial opportunities with the purpose of growing technology and biotechnology wealth within Northeastern Pennsylvania.  tecBRIDGE focuses on harnessing the intellectual capital, energy, and passion of young professionals by tapping the abilities of business, academia, government, and economic development.  Site2 was honored to be interviewed on tecBridge Radio for the 3rd time this past December.

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